Monday, January 09, 2012

Happy Birthday (eve) to me!

Hi everyone!  This is an exciting post for me because it combines 2 very exciting things for me!  A Christmas gift and my birthday!  

Remember when I said that I got a Kopy Kake for Christmas?  Well, I am showing you the first cookies that I made with it.  Tomorrow (January 10) will be my 26th birthday!  So I thought it would be fun to make different "26" cookies.  

Below is the Kopy Kake projector.  You can take a design and project it down onto your cookie, so you can pipe it out nicely.  I am especially excited about my Kopy Kake for writing words and numbers.  I think that I have pretty decent handwriting and piping skills.  At my first pastry job that I ever had, I worked at a resort where I would make Welcome and Happy Anniversary/Birthday plates of chocolate covered strawberries and truffles everyday.   And I would write with chocolate on every plate.  So I got some good practice!  

Even though my handwriting is good, I would always get the spacing wrong or misjudge how much room I actually had to write something.  The Kopy Kake fixes that for me!   

Below is the 26 shining down on the cookie.  

Ta da!  I definitely need more practice using the Kopy Kake, but I am pleased with how my first cookies came out!  

Hope you enjoy my Happy 26th Birthday cookies!  


  1. Awesome Christmas gift. You did great.
    Happy Birthday tomorrow.

  2. Happy 26th Birthday.....Aunt Cindy

  3. Happy Birthday! The cookies look great!
    ~ Chris