Saturday, January 14, 2012

DIY Valentine's Picture Frame

With all the baking I do, I like to mix it up sometimes and do other "crafty" things.  I especially like to scrapbook!  But today I wanted to make a Valentine's Day craft.  

I made this Valentines heart picture frame one other time a few years ago.  

It's a simple craft that anyone can do!  This would be fun for kids to make as their craft at a Valentine's Day party or with their siblings at home.  I made this frame and put a picture from my wedding in it.  You could make this in a larger frame (8x10) and use as a "menu" holder for a Valentines Dessert table.  No Valentine for you this year?!  That's fine... make it for your BFF and put a picture of the two of you in there!  LOTS of options!  

All you need:
  • Any picture frame with a flat, wide frame (so you can glue the candies down).  I got mine from the dollar store!
  • Paint and paint brush, optional
  • Conversation hearts
  • Glue, I used tacky glue.  But you can also use a hot glue gun, or all purpose glue.

Before you start, take the glass and backing out of the frame.  Trust me on this one.  You don't want to glue the frame to the glass by accident!  :-)

The border of this frame had a couple different "heights" so I decided I wanted to paint the inside pink.  I didn't have pink paint, so I simply mixed red and white!

This step is optional, because obviously all frames are different.  But I think the pink makes it more "Valentinesy"  Haha... I know that's not a word, but you know what I mean!

Now, I am ready to glue the Conversation hearts on.  I went through all the hearts to find the best ones.  Probably half of the package was unusable!   Oh well, I had plenty to choose from!

I started with a dab of glue, and just started to glue the hearts on.  I tried to mix it up and not have the same color too close.  But do it how you like!  Maybe you will do a pattern?  Maybe you will do it totally random! It's up to you!

I slightly rotated some of the hearts so they were not "perfectly" lined up.  Again... it's your choice how YOU do it.  This is how I did it.

Opps!!  Too much glue!  I just used a q-tip to dab up the extra glue.  The good thing is the glue dries clear, so you will never know if there is a little extra glue.  Like I said earlier, make sure to take the glass out BEFORE you start.  I took mine out at this step, but it was a little tricky since I already started gluing the hearts on.

The middle frame was done, so now I will start to outside.  I worked from the top to bottom to make sure everything fit.  

Just a tip... my hearts fit really well, and I did not have an extra open space when I was done.  But if you do, the nice thing about using the Tacky glue is that it does not dry right away so it can be forgiving.  You can space hearts out a little more, or make them a little closer if you need to at the end to fit the last heart.  A hot glue gun will dry a lot faster and it will be hard to move the hearts once you have placed them.  

I let this dry completely overnight.  This way, the hearts won't fall off when you stand it up.

Here if my finished frame!  Such a fun craft to make for Valentine's Day!  

Fun fact:  I was looking for the Conversation hearts here in Canada and was having a bit of a hard time finding some.  I finally found them and they were in French!!!  Haha, this made me laugh.  I mean, all the packaging here is in English and French, but I was not expecting the hearts to be in French too!  So I did not buy those.  I found English ones at another store!  ;-)

Let me know how you like this craft and if you try it!  

This blog will still be mostly about baking, but I like to switch it up sometimes and throw in a savory recipe or a craft as well!  Hope you don't mind :-)

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