Monday, June 27, 2011

Girly cookies

I made these cookies for an girl's 8th grade graduation.  They wanted flowers, butterflies and other decorated cookies in a pink and black color scheme.  I baked all the cookies and now it is time to ice them!  I will show you step by step how I decorate these cookies with royal icing.

In order to see the different petals once its dried, I piped every other petal and let it dry for about 30 minutes.  

Then, I went back and piped the other petals.  First, I outlined the area that I wanted to ice.

Then, I immediately fill in the petal, so you can't see the outlining once it has dried.

Then, once I have iced all the cookies, I let them dry overnight to make sure they are completely dry before I decorate them.

Here I have the 3 colors that I will decorate the iced cookies with.  Black, white and pink!

To give the flower an extra effect, I outlines these petals in black, and pink on other cookies.  

Here they are once they are done!  

I think these are some of my favorite cookies I have made!  I really love to make these cookies!  I keep thinking of all the different cookies I want to make!

Now, it is time for the cookies to dry again.  I let the cookies dry for at least 4 hours, or overnight, to make sure everything is dry before I package it.  Don't worry... they will not get stale or dry out!  

Here they are on the platter!  

The morning of the day that I needed to deliver these, I had to take Jeff to the airport at 5:30am.  So when I got home, I put these on the tray and thought I would be getting a nap before I had to take them.  WELL...  maybe it was my tired state, I put the plastic lid on and I must have pushed it on too hard, because the lid cracked!  Oh gosh I thought.  I need to go get a new lid.  This was a Sunday, so I was not sure when the stored opened.  Well, when I got to the store, it wasn't going to open for more than an hour!  Ah... back to home to wait!  
Don't worry... I went back to the store and got the lid.  Everything worked out in the end!  I took the cookies to the customer and they loved them.  Then I went home and had a nap!  :-)

Till next time...


  1. So pretty - they'd be almost too pretty to eat if I didn't know how yummy they were!

  2. Your "recipe" for crumble topping was a success! I had the oven at 375, but it could have gone higher, I think. The other change is that next time I may add some oatmeal to the crumble. I pitted the sour cherries, added some sugar, and cooked the mixture down. Added a splash of lemon juice once off the heat, mixed in the sliced fresh strawberries, topped with crumble and baked. Yum! Dave and I both approved. Thanks again.