Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Decorated Cookies

Here are some more decorated cookies.  These are very similar to the batch of cookies I showed you in an earlier post.  That group was blue, green and purple.  Same type of cookies, just some different decorations.  

I wanted to make and decorate a bunch of different cookies so I can have pictures of a wide variety of cookies.  I started putting pictures on Facebook, and giving cookies to different people and everyone seems to love them.  So I was thinking of different ways to sell them.  I have recently tried to get a booth at the local Farmer's Market.  Unfortunately, they do not have any room for new vendors right now, but the market moves indoors in November.  I guess they have less farmers and vendors then, because the manager told me they may have room then.  *Keep your fingers crossed!*   

This is the first batch of cookies that I have made for someone.  :-)

As I think about what my next adventure will be... I thought about my herbs that I grow in a pot on my front porch.  Hmm... let's see what I come up with!

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