Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter & Spring Craft

Hi there!  Time for a craft project at Desserts by Annie!  I just realized that in 2 weeks, we will have been married for 6 months!  So I have made this decorative "G" for our last name.  Just in time for Easter and Spring!  

I made one of these for winter with red berries and it lives on my t.v. console.  So when it started to warm up, I wanted to make one with more cheery colors.  Let's get started!

What you need:
  • Wooden letter (you can get these at Michael's or Walmart)
  • Paint of your choice
  • Paintbrush
  • Fake styrofoam "berries" floral  (Michael's or Walmart)
  • Tacky glue
  • Decorative butterfly

First, I painted the front and back of the G in purple.

Here are the "berries" floral and butterfly that I used.  

I used scissors to cut off branches of the floral, then gently pulled off the little styrofoam berries.  I separated most of the berries, but left some in little clusters.  Do whichever you prefer, or a mix of both like I did.

Now, when you pull apart the berries, some of the coloring will come off.  Either glue that berry white side down, or you could use a similar color marker to gently fill in the white space.  Don't worry if it's not the exact same shade.  You won't notice once everything is glued on.

Here is a berry that I colored with a pink marker.

All the berries waiting to be glued onto the "G".

I used Tacky glue to glue the berries on.  I applied it in small sections, and then placed the berries on.  I made sure to mix up all the different sizes and colors.  But you should do it however you like!

Since I use Tacky glue, it will dry clear and you will be able to see some purple in between.  So I left a little space in between some of the berries.

All the berries are glued on.

These butterflies I got had little clips on the back.  I gently pulled the clip off.  Put a good amount of glue on the butterfly, since you will be gluing it on top of the berries and it is not a smooth surface.

Place the butterfly on your letter wherever you think is best!  

Let this dry completely overnight.

Here is the finished product!  

Close up of the butterfly.  

Place this letter on a bookshelf, shelf or on your Easter dessert table!  

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  1. Love the pinks and greens, and so Spring-like with the yellow butterfly. So pretty!