Friday, December 30, 2011

The end of 2011

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!  I always love the whole month of December, but once Christmas gets here, I feel like it's over with too fast!  We have been visiting with my family the past few days and then we will get together with my husband's family this weekend.  So it has stretched out my holiday a bit this year.  

Christmas in Pennsylvania was really nice!  The weather was amazing.  I mean, I love the snow and think its very pretty, but I also hate traveling in it.   Christmas day was sunny and around 50 degrees.  I didn't even wear a coat, which I mean is kind of pushing it.  But I am always warm so whenever it warms up a bit in the winter, I like when I don't have to wear my big winter coat.  The last full day in PA it rained all day.  

The next morning, we headed back to Canada.  It snowed a bit during the drive, but about 30 minutes away from home (in the dark) it started snowing hard!  I mean the highway was covered in snow, we could barely see 3 cars in front of us.  And it was rush hour, so the highways were busy.  On top of that all, I am not a good passenger.  I think it all started when I was in high school with some friends and we crashed on the highway.  I was in the front seat when this happened.  So, I will just say that Jeff was not happy with me by the time we got home.   

"Jefffff.... slowww downnnn!!!"    

"Watch out!!!"


You know... just a few things that I yell in the car.  I swear, I am trying really hard to be a better passenger.  Traffic and highways just give me anxiety, and then add all the snow.  Not a good combo.  Sorry Jeff!   Thank God we got home safely!  

When we got home, we opened some gifts just the two of us since we left a couple days before Christmas.  I got the best new camera!  A Canon Rebel T3.  It is so nice and way better than my old point and click camera.  I am a lucky girl.  Thanks Jeff! 

Anyways... here is a quick picture of the cookie platter that I brought to my aunt's house on Christmas.  

Back: Chocolate Chip cookies, Chewy Orange Spice cookies, Chocolate Peppermint cookies.
Middle: Sugar cookies and Christmas tree brownies.
Front: Candied Orange zest, Candy Cane hearts, Chocolate covered orange zest.

Me and Jeff

Me, my Mom, my Dad, and my sister Gail

Yeah, you know when we got home there was like more than a foot of snow on the ground.  Sigh... I enjoyed the milder weather while it lasted!  But this is winter and it's Canada!

I am just starting to get back into baking after all my holiday traveling and visiting.  I hope everyone is safe while they travel and celebrate New Years!  

2011 has been both great and sad with the loss of some family members, but over all I think it has been a great year!  After all, I did get married this year!!!

Oh yeah, and I started my blog too!

I hope everyone has a great New Year and stays safe!  See you all next year :-)

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