Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5 Fun Christmas Ideas for any Baker!

1. Dessert Ornaments-  from Sur La Table

I absolutely LOVE these ornaments!!!  I own quite a few and hope to continue with my collection.  I have one Christmas tree with my "traditional" ornaments, and then a smaller tree with all dessert and baking ornaments!  I love it!

2. Flavorings and Extracts-  from King Arthur Flour

Fiori di Sicilia  - 1 oz.Vanilla Bean Paste - 4 oz.Pistachio Flavor - 1 oz.

There are endless possibilities with these different flavorings.  These 3 are my favorite, but there are many more on their website!  Use them in cakes, icings, milkshakes and much more!

3. Airbrush Machine-  from Karen's Cookies

Pegasus Professional Airbrush System
This is on my wish list!  I have made lots of cookies using Wilton's Color Mist, so I would love to have an airbrush machine!

4. Ultimate Cookies by Julia Usher-
Julia M Usher's Ultimate Cookies

If you have not seen this book yet, you definitely need to check this out!  This 270 plus page book shows you how to make the most beautiful cookies!  I mean... just look at the cookies on the cover.  If you love, or even like to make cookies, this is a must have for you!

5.  Pretty Aprons- from Amazon 

Product DetailsDimensions Stamped Cross Stitch Life Is Sweet Apron

There are only 10 shopping days left before Christmas!  Is it just me or is this holiday season just flying by?!  I feel like I still need a few more weeks to get everything done.  I always have a mile long list of things I want to bake for Christmas.  I probably only get 1/3 of the list done.  

Ahh... oh well.  You do what you can do!  Remember that.  No one is going to notice that things you didn't make.  They will appreciate the things that you do make!  

Now... get shopping and baking!  

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