Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Strawberry Picking

Ahhh... there's nothing like spending a nice relaxing day going to a local farm to pick strawberries!  I went in the middle of the day and there were only a handful of other people there, which was nice.  The only other time I went was last summer right after the local schools got out for summer and the place was packed!  This year, I made sure to go during the day and while school was still in session!  

We love strawberries, so I wanted to go and stock up.  I got some to eat, some to make a pie, and some to freeze.  Freezing strawberries is so easy, and they taste SO much better than any frozen berries that you can buy from the grocery store.  They are nice to have throughout the year for pies, smoothies, sauces and fruit crisps.  

Normally when I freeze them, I freeze them whole with the stems still on.  Then when I am ready to use them, I set them on the counter for about 5 minutes so they become just soft enough so I can cut them up.  This time, I thought I would do some of the work now instead of later.  So I cut the stem off and cut them in half.  Then, I put them in a ziploc bag and froze them.  

The hubby said to me "I saw on the website that you are supposed to freeze them on a tray first and then put them in the bag".  I was like yea, but my way is fine too.  

Well... now I have a huge block of strawberry halves all frozen together!!  Ahhh of course!  Next time I guess I will listen to the hubby.  :-)  

So, if YOU want to freeze some strawberries that you have picked or just some from the store, lay them out on a baking sheet and freeze for a couple hours.  This is how they freeze the berries they sell in the store.  

"IQF" = Individually Quick Frozen

Then, you can put them in a plastic ziploc bag once they are already frozen.  That way they won't stick together.  Learn from my mistakes people.

The farm that I went to has a tractor that takes you out to the strawberry field.  I could smell the sweet strawberries when the tractor got close the fields.  So sweet and fragrant!  Then, they give you a row and you pick away!  And of course you have a try a few to make sure they are delicious!  

Then, the tractor takes you back to the farm and they weigh your strawberries.  They also had other fruit and vegetables that they grow there for sale.  I also got some Sugar Snap Peas, Potatoes and Rhubarb.  We had the peas and potatoes for dinner last night and they were delicious!  There is just something about eating locally grown, just picked food that just makes it that much more delicious!  

On the tractor ride back to the farm.  

Mmm... don't these look so yummy?!  They are so juicy!  I just got these yesterday and they are almost gone (besides the frozen ones).  I guess I will have to go back soon before they are done!  

Check out the farms in your local area!  Strawberries are in season right now!!!  I think blueberries are coming up soon too!  

Happy picking!  

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  1. That freezing tip works for pretty much anything - berries, meatballs, overly-ripe bananas that have been sliced and can be used for smoothies, etc. Two thumbs up for eating locally!

  2. Yes, our local pick your own blueberries will be ready in the next week or 2 - can't wait! Also good to freeze.