Monday, June 11, 2012

Graduation Cookies & Family Time!

This weekend was my younger cousin Sam's high school graduation!  So the whole family was in town to go to his party.  I said I would make some cookies, so I just wanted to share some with you!  I made sugar cookies, brownies with fudge icing, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter.  You know... the basics!  

All the cookies are wrapped up and ready to go!  

When we get together, we always like to get a picture of all the cousins with Gramma.  My one cousin was coming to the party later, so unfortunately he was not in the picture.  I guess I will have to photoshop him in later!  :-)  

There is the High School Graduate in the gray shirt.  Congratulations Sam!!!  Have fun in college!

Just playing a little Corn Hole with Jeff, my sister Gail and brother in law Dave.  It was SO hot this day!  We got a little burnt and only played for a little because we wanted to go back in the shade.  Oh and I hate to even add this, but Jeff and Gail beat Dave and me.  And I mean they beat us really bad!  It wasn't Dave's fault... it was totally mine!  :-/  I don't think I even scored us any points.  Looks like someone needs some more practice! Oh well... it was fun and that's all that really matters right?!

Here is my family!  

Left to right:  My brother in law Dave, sister Gail, Dad, Mom, me and Jeff.  

And Bailey was of course with us, but she had to stay home.  No dogs allowed at this party!  She loves the country though... so much room to run around and lots of birds, bugs and animals to chase!  

On Saturday night, we let Bailey meet the chickens for the first time.  And let's just say they will never meet again!!  My mom has 8 chickens and one of them happens to be named Annie.  :-)  

Well, as soon as the chickens were close enough, Bailey pounced and chased Annie for a few scary seconds.  Luckily Annie got away, but Bailey was right on her tail!!!  It would have been really sad for me if Bailey killed Annie of all the chickens!  I got to pick which one was Annie when they were only 2 days old! Thank goodness she didn't!  But she sure did have fun chasing them!  ;-)

I hope everyone has been enjoying the beginning of summer!!  I had a really nice weekend with my family!  My sister lives in Boston so it is always nice when we are all in town together!  

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