Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY Painted Herb Pots

I love to grow herbs in the summer time!  

There are so many good things about growing them yourself. They will always be fresh, because you can pick them as you need them.  You know where they are being grown and can grow them organically without an pesticides.  They are cheap!!  My plants cost me $3 a piece and I will have them all summer long, and even longer if I bring them inside!  You don't need a big garden to grow them like you would with vegetables.  Those are just some of the reasons I love to grow herbs at home.

So when I got my herbs this year, I wanted to make the pots just a little bit brighter!  So I painted them and used chalkboard paint so I could write the type of herb right on the pot!  

I started with these basic clay pots that I got at Wal Mart for about a buck each.  

Then, I painted them 3 different colors.  *Be sure to use paint that is for the outdoors if you plan on putting these pots outside!  Also, on the inside of the pot, use a non toxic paint sealer.  Otherwise, when your pot is filled with water, it will soak through the pot and can damage your paint job!  

Then, I painted on chalkboard paint so I could write the name of each herb on the pot.  Once everything was completely dry, I planted my herbs!!

I planted mint, rosemary and basil in my pots!  These are my favorite herbs to cook with.  

This is an easy project that anyone can do!  It would be a great craft for kids too!  They can paint their own pot and put their name on it instead of the herb name.  Then have fun planting their favorite flowers in the pot!  They will love watching "their" flowers grow!  

Do you grow herbs at home and cook with them?!  What kind do you use the most?  

Enjoy this beautiful weather of mid May and go plant some herbs!  

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