Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all the Canadians!  

Here are some leaf cookies that I made that were inspired by SugarBelle.  

It has been such a beautiful weekend here!  Could not have asked for better weather!  Too bad I am sick!  :-(  No Thanksgiving for me today.  It is also too bad that next weekend is not going to be as nice out.  That is my wedding weekend.  And it is supposed to rain.... 

Ahhh...  only time will tell!

I hope everyone is out enjoying this beautiful weather that we have been blessed with!


  1. I love fall and Halloween!! I really like you fall leaves! You box and sticker are great! Do you print you own stickers or order them? Happy Baking!!

  2. Thanks! These stickers I ordered from Check it out! They have lots of fun stuff on their website!