Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top 10 Pins of the Week

If you have followed my blog at all, you may already know how much I have fallen in love with Pinterest.  I get a ton of great ideas from there and could easily waste an hour looking at everything.  I wanted to try something new, and each week I will share some of my favorite things I found thanks to Pinterest.  

Below are all my favorite things from this week and the link to where they came from.  

1. This Bedroom.  I am pretty sure I want my next Master bedroom to look just like this!  I LOVE the colors... light blues and white with a hit of tangerine and dark wood.  I am in love with those reclaimed pieces of wood on only the top part of the wall.


2. Spray painted metal folding chairs.  What a fun idea!  I don't actually own any metal folding chairs, but this makes me want to get some... maybe at a thrift store or garage sale?!

Source: Manuel's Flickr (it's in French, but I don't need to speak the language to love the idea!)

spray paint old metal folding chairs. LOVE!

3.  Scrabble names on the wall.  What a fun idea for a family game room!  Spell everyone's name out in large Scrabble pieces and hang them on the wall!

Source: Remodelaholic

Family Scrabble Decor for the game room~  LOVE this idea!!!

4.  Fun food packaging.  I just found this website and I love it!  They have tons of different packaging for edible gifts!  I have my eye on these ice cream or soup containers.  They packaged cookie dough in one to give as a gift so you can bake your own cookies.  Not only do they sell the packaging, but they sell it in any quantity.  They don't make you buy a whole case of something that you really only want a few of.  Makes it great for the home baker or occasional food gift giver.  Plus, they also have a blog with lots of fun ideas of how to use their products!

Source: Shop Garnish
i am going to revamp my christmas baking baskets this year! this is the best website for cool packaging ever!
5.  Gotta love this dog picture.  The picture and quote says it all.  I have a dog and I love this.  Haha

Source: unknown

oh good, you're up. > yep, I'm familiar with this one. lol

6. Luke Bryan.  Again... I don't have anything else to say.  Love him and love his newest album Tailgates and Tanlines (which I am listening to as I type this!).  

Source: unknown


7.  White Chocolate Cream Cheese Danish Braid with Apples and Walnuts.  I WANT TO MAKE THIS!  Yummy!!

Source: Doughmesstic

White Chocolate Cream Cheese Braid.

8.  Family Cookbook. I made a family cookbook for all the women in my family when I was in college.  I secretly collected everyone's favorite and signature recipes, and then typed up all the recipes and made cookbooks for everyone as gifts.  This takes it to the next level!  She included her family's favorite recipes and pictures and made it on the website Blurb (where you can make your own books too!).  I also love reading her blog, so make sure you check it out!  

\Make your own cookbook with Blurb - add your own family photos and recipes

9.  Framed Cork Boards.  School is just starting and what a great way to display artwork and school work!  It's super simple.  Find old frames... at the thrift store, a garage sale or on sale and spray paint whatever color(s) you like.  Then cut cork board to fit (which they sell at craft stores in rolls) and ta da!  

Great idea! Frames filled with cork board for kids artwork and writings (Totally doing this for the nursery!)

10. Target.  Umm... this happens to me every. single. time.  Haha!  

Source: unknown

Haha!  So true!

These are my favorite pins of the week!  They are either things I want to make or bake, dream rooms or things that simply made me smile!  

Look for my favorite pins of the week next week!  

You can always check out my Pinterest and see what I have been pinning lately!  ;-)

Have a great day!!


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    1. Thanks! I am addicted to Pinterest and see SO many things I love, so I just wanted to share some of my favorites. Glad you like it!!