Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Name cookies

I made these cookies at the beginning of the summer.  It seems I am doing a little "End of Summer" cleaning and finding all these things I wanted to share with you a little while ago and didn't get around to.  Oh well, better late than never!  

These cookies were for my Mother in law and some of her coworkers.  She works at a school, and these were their colors.  Each one is a little different and unique.

I really am into finding fun and different fonts online and then using them on my cookies!  It makes it that much nicer than my normal handwriting (or my "pipe writing").  I like this website called the Font Pool.  They have SO many different fonts to choose from!

You can type in a sample word and then click on all the different fonts to see your word hundreds of different ways.  

I packaged them all up and sent them to school to be passed out.  It's like I am a Mom and making cookies for my kid to take to school for their friends.  Nope, just for my Mother in law.

I hoped you enjoyed seeing some cookies I made recently.  I haven't been making cookies as much as I used to, especially with it being summer.  I like making them more when its cool and I want to be inside all day.  

I know I am probably early to say this, but I always look forward to fall towards the end of summer.  I love summer, but I don't like the extreme heat so when it starts to cool down I am always happy.  I can't wait to wear a pair of jeans again!! 

Anyways... I won't wish away the last few weeks/month of summer and the beautiful weather just yet.  ;-)  

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