Saturday, July 16, 2011

STEELERS and browns Cookies!

Hi everyone!  My sister Gail and brother in law Dave live in Boston, and my parents just went to visit them, so I made some cookies for them to take!  I wasn't even invited on this trip... (Thanks Mom and Dad) but I asked both Gail and Dave what kind of cookies I could make for them.  After many attempts, I still could not get an answer out of my sister, but Dave said he would like some Cleveland Browns cookies.  

Well... being from Pittsburgh... I thoroughly dislike the Browns!  They got married last August, and we all like him despite his football team preference!     

So I ended up making Steeler and Browns helmets and footballs for them.  

Of course I had to take more pictures of the Steeler cookies!  They are the better team!  :-)

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