Friday, August 26, 2011

Bouquets and Coloring

This is the first cookie bouquet that I have made.  They were for my fiance's Grandma.  

This present cookie was my favorite!  I also LOVE these colors together!  I was not sure what her favorite colors were, so I just made them colors I would like.  :-)  

All wrapped up and ready to go!  :-)

I got all my cookie bouquet supplies from Karen's Cookies.  I get a lot of my supplies from there.  The cookie sticks, the cookie boxes, the plastic bags (that are on each individual cookie and then a big one around the whole cookie bouquet) and all the food color.  They have a lot of great stuff, and you can get it in small quantities as well!  

These are only SOME of my food colors.  I have plenty more now.  They are AmeriColor.  They are a food color gel, so they won't make you icing (or whatever you are making) runny or taste funny.  Plus, they give an intense color so you only have to use a little bit of coloring to get your desired color.  Before I started using these, I was using the Wilton's food coloring in a little jar that you can find at Michael's Craft Store.  Well, if I had to color something red or black, I basically had to use the whole jar to get the correct color!  Now, I use a fraction of that to get the color I want.  


  1. Annie your cookies are beautiful. I asked David if you made cookie arrangements. At the time he didn't know. I use the gel coloring also. It is great. I made a couple of cookie arrangements. They are time consuming, but fun. You have a Great Thing going here. I'm sure you will do well.
    David's mom, Debbie

  2. What sweet birthday cookies! Thanks for sharing at CookieCrazie's birthday party. :)